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Founded in 2005 by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Microsoft Corporation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, TCF has been the main engine behind the global telecentre movement. A vast network of more than 550,000 public access and telecentres, including over 1,800 organizations from around the world that together provide critical access, tools, training and entrepreneurial mentoring on ICT and Internet technologies to more than one billion people every day.

TCF has become a critical partner for many initiatives and organizations worldwide, especially for those seeking a large and diverse number of beneficiaries. Online Essay Writer That Offers Completely Original Papers TCF’s capacity to quickly connect and mobilize large number of people makes it a valuable global enabler of ideas and an amplifier of positive change.

Telecentre Foundation (TCF) is a 501c(3) nonprofit international organization based in San Francisco, California delivering new knowledge, projects and services in a global scale in collaboration with multiple organizations from around the globe, and logistic offices in Manila, Philippines. Partner with us

For social investors, donors, CSR programs & philanthropists 

There are many ways you can contribute and facilitate the empowerment of people and communities through TCF’s programs and activities. TCF offers a unique opportunity to connect directly with a large number of people and organizations from around the world. We  are a global channel of new ideas, services, training and opportunities for millions, specially women, girls and underserved communities.  You can reach these people with your contributions, services and new ideas too.
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