Our Vision and Mission

Talent is universal | Opportunity is not

TCF seeks to unlock the power of individuals and communities through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship to create new development opportunities.

TCF works to remove barriers to social inclusion, entrepreneurship, and innovation by ensuring that individuals, communities, and most especially, young people, women and girls around the world have access to ICTs tools, digital content, training and mentoring to create positive change and new socio-economic opportunities.

In 2005, many nations, multilateral organizations, the private sector, and civil society pledged to build a future in which every individual will enjoy the benefits of an information society providing new and sustainable opportunities for every human being in the planet. Since then, much progress has been made across sectors and nations to bridge the digital divide. However, the idea of an integrated, equal, and well-connected information society remains a distant and elusive dream for more than 4.2 billion people. This is why Telecentre Foundation (TCF) exists.

The collective work delivered by TCF and its partners facilitates personal, social, and economic development among rural people, underserved communities, people with disabilities, and most especially, the youth, and women and girls.


We are here to:

  • Bring high-quality resources, technology, content, mentors and training to large number of people and communities throughout the world, including underserved segments of the population, especially women, the youth and the unemployed.
  • Nurture innovation and entrepreneurship at the bottom of the social pyramid.
  • Create new collaboration frameworks to enable a more effective exchange of resources among communities, private sector, local government and international organizations.
  • Deliver highly-customized products and services with scalable potential.
  • Become a powerful global distribution channel with a potential to reach millions of people.
  • Enable a global network of ICT4D professionals and experts.
  • Enable a global network of volunteers.
  • Create opportunities and expanding positive social and economic change.
© 2017 Telecentre Foundation (TCF) | Digital Empowerment. Innovation. Entrepreneurship | TCF is a 501c(3) International Nonprofit Organization

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