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(Note: Allversity is a strategic partner and content provider of the Telecentre Academy, a major program of Foundation aimed at building the capacity of telecentre practitioners worldwide.)

If you have ever spent hours searching for practical learning materials about health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, or rights: Allversity is the site for you. Starting today you can use this simple, clear platform in your center as a training tool for yourself and your patrons.

Last week launched an exciting group of courses designed especially for the users of telecentres around the world. Courses include Family Planning, An Introduction to Human Rights, Natal Care, Permaculture, and Preventing HIV. These courses are free, and available for use at any telecentre anywhere in the world starting right now.

So what is Allversity? is a free learning platform that addresses practical challenges faced by people around the world. Allversity’s strategy is to first identify students’ needs and then design free digital courses that directly address the educational gaps behind those needs. Allversity’s vision a world in which everyone has the tools they need to build sustainable, equitable and thriving communities, thereby realizing their full potential.

Allversity’s focus areas are in health, entrepreneurship, agriculture and rights. However, the organization has also designed courses from existing open educational resources in traditional school topic areas like maths, science and history. Through the creation and sharing of free learning videos, texts, and tools, Allversity enables young people to acquire vital skills and understandings that have a positive social and economic impact on their lives and communities.

We can’t do it alone though, this is why Allversity partners with amazing organizations like Foundation and other creative organizations to connect with its users. The project is also getting some attention, just last week it won the European Youth Award and it also a runner-up in the World Summit Youth Awards as well.

How does Allversity get its materials?

In most cases Allversity works together with partner organizations to bring their amazing learning materials to students in a simple and clean way. Allversity partners with like-minded organizations to create material in its focus areas. Among them are S.A.F.E. Kenya,TeachAIDSGarden AfricaPractical ActionUSAID, and the Sustainable Food Trust.

Since its beta-launch in June of this year Allversity has joined with over 80 knowledge centers in Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria to start spreading its materials to its first users. These local partners promote the learning platform in their centers and communities, helping Allversity reach out to the leaders of tomorrow.

Allversity is also developing a mobile application that will allow users to download entire courses onto a mobile device, making the material accessible on the fly even when no mobile internet is available.

Can I use Allversity in my telecentre for free?

Allversity is being built with telecentres in mind. The managers of telecentres who are looking for exciting learning materials are welcomed and encouraged to introduce students to the site and get their feedback. The site is completely free for users and for the managers of telecentres to use in any way they wish.

How can I get more involved with Allversity?

The Allversity team wants to learn as much as it can from about about the people using its platform around the world. If you are interested in helping Allversity to develop better content for your patrons we would love to know more about you and your telecentre. The following survey is a great way to get started: Filling this out will put you in direct contact with the Allversity team and let you tell us what you and your patrons want to learn!

If you have any questions about Allversity, the courses, or the material in the courses, please contact the Allversity team at: or check the ‘Contact Us’ tab on their website. Happy Learning!

Source: Allversity Press Release

Photo Credits: Gates Foundation and Shane McMillan
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