First Look: Maps showing geographical distribution of global telecentre community members

As promised, we continue to bring you new and exciting things everyday of ouranniversary week. Today, we give you a first look at the maps that show how geographically dispersed the members of the global telecentre community are.

From 2008 to present, our online community has grown and expanded into 5 community sites all in all in EnglishSpanishArabicRussian and French, with a combined membership of 11,500. These members are spread across 170 countries in 6 regions, representing hundreds of organizations

Here’s a map showing where the members of our English online community are located in different parts of the globe:


You may access the actual map here.

Meanwhile, below are the maps showing the geographical distribution of the members of our online communities in Spanish, Arabic, Russian and French:

We hope to bring the benefits of this online community to more people out there. Feel free to invite your friends to join us!
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