Key outcomes and resolutions from the NetAfrica stakeholders and partners meeting held in Kigali, Rwanda from the 13th to 15th February 2011.

Telecentre network leaders from Africa had a successful 3 day meeting on the 13th to 15th Kigali, Rwanda. A set of clear vision, mission and objectives were set. These were;
NetAfrica meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. Photo courtesy of Amparo De Asis


Sustainable African Network of Telecentres with value to all communities

To leverage the efforts of grassroots, regional, African and global organizations and networks in order to build capacity and serve communities through innovation and value creation of telecentre services for Africa.

• Empower national and regional networks to help them help their stakeholders.
• Promote the use of old and new ICTs for individual and collective development.
• Implement an open, inclusive and communicative African network that maximizes the benefit of
existing initiatives, activities and experiences.
• Encourage and integrate constellations around common/specialized interests, language, geography and

anything else.

The following were also resolved;

Steering committee (10 members from various countries and networks present at the meeting)

First Committee Chair: Paul Barera, Rwanda Telecentre Network (revcoll)

Interim Coordinator: Malick Sawodogo,

NetAfrica would establish a secretariat and communication system/internal coordinating system for Steering Committee and Secretariat and with external stakeholders (mailing lists, website); including defining the TOR for the Steering Committee, Interim Coordinator and CLCs. It would also development of a Business Plan, including branding and resource mobilization, develop a 5 Year Strategic Plan including clarifying on the vision, mission, and action plan.
A survey of all existing networks, development partners, constellations and identify current status including needs assessment will also be conducted.

NetAfrica will engage existing telecentre and networking initiatives, other constellations & development partners.

Partners Meeting and resolutions on 15th February 2001

This one day meeting preceded the two day consultative network representatives meeting on 13th and 14th. Partners present presented their priorities for Africa continent and generally endorsed NetAfrica as a platform through which most of them would channel some of their programs. Partners present included the following:

• Basheerhamad Shadrach – Foundation
• Amparo Preethika Montemayor-De Asis – Foundation
• Hopestone Chavula – UNECA
• Alex Nyingi – Microsoft
• Rajiv Ranjan – UNDP/Rwanda
• David Rurangirwa – USAID/Rwanda
• Kiringai Kamau – VACID Africa (Value Addition and Cottage Industry Development (VACID) Africa)
• Zain Khan – ACMFI (African Center for Mobile Financial Inclusion)
• Théodomir MUGIRANEZA – National University of Rwanda
• Jean Damascene – National University of Rwanda

Key outcomes and recommendations and conclusion on next steps for NetAfrica Foundation

  1. Human resource (CLCs)
  2. Initial funding
  3. Participation at 3rd Global forum
  4. Telecentre Women’s Campaign as a platform for resource mobilization
  5. Academy process


  1. Is within current program.
  2. Identification of collaborative activities
  3. UNECA (Hope) will explore other possible means of collaboration within the mandate


  1. Offer of research reports to resolve governance structure
  2. Registration/incorporation process
  3. Redefinition/scope of telecentre
  4. Joint funding proposals
  5. Consulting services on entrepreneurship


  1. Entrepreneurship and small business training on packages like the CRM
  2. Software donations
  3. Support for the network
  4. Relevant applications


  1. Possibility of support secretariat if based in Kigali
  2. Possible to use NetAfrica structures in future

VACID Africa

  1. Collaboration software from Cisco (webex)
  2. Undertake training Cisco entrepreneurship institute


  1. Learn from Drishtee experiences
  2. Strategy formulation
  3. Infomation sharing on community, services, corporate and other partners, fundraising
  4. Developing business plans for entrepreneurs
  5. Joint projects


  1. Will provide research output
  2. Academic support – training organization


  1. Explore collaboration with universities in research
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