As one of Telecentre‘s main initiatives, the Academy pursues capacity building of telecentre staff, network leaders, policy-makers, and social investors worldwide by developing curricula, standards, accreditation and certification programmes in collaboration with telecentre networks and academia.

It strives to empower telecentre actors and other stakeholders to achieve inclusive growth and socio-economic development of telecentres at the grassroots.

Spearheaded and managed by Foundation, it is composed of affiliated national academies and supported by a Global Secretariat hosted by the Indira Gandhi National Open University.


The work of the Academy focuses on the following stakeholders:

  • Four types of learners: telecentre operators, network managers, policy makers, social investors, and grassroots communities
  • Tutors and mentors that support learning
  • Content and curriculum providers
  • National networks and academies that promote and administer the programme
  • Consortium of universities that accredits learning and certification
  • Global Secretariat that facilitates the development of a Global Certification Program

Global Curriculum

The Academy has developed a global curriculum in Telecentre Management, which is in the process of being translated and localised to suit the needs and requirements of telecentre workers worldwide.

Areas of Intervention

The Academy intervenes in the following areas:

  1. Implementation – facilitates and supports the development and introduction of courses in 20 nations in as many languages through national academies
  2. Leadership – provision of leadership for the Academies around the world by consolidating and coordinating various telecentre capacity building programmes around the world, creating a focused effort and momentum for upgrading and training telecentre stakeholders
  3. Standards – development of curricula, standards, and models leading to a system of global accreditation and certification applied to Academy programmes and knowledge products worldwide
  4. Partnerships – development of strong Academy partnerships through an international hub that enables and promotes Foundation knowledge and resources
  5. Resources – generation of resources from donor organisations, government, private sector, and philanthropic initiatives to support national academies and other capacity building institutions

You can download the Telecentre Academy brochure here.

For more details, please contact the Capacity Building Manager.