Train the Most Women to Become Digitally Literate and win 15,000 Swiss Francs worth of ICT equipment!

Telecentre Women Digital Literacy Campaign Contest: Help us achieve the goal of training 1 million women by the year-end 2012!

Calling all partners! Foundation (TCF) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) are hosting a contest (“Contest”) to award ICT equipment to the telecentre that trains the most number of women to become digitally literate. This Contest is in support of the Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign (the “Campaign”) ( under the Cooperation Agreement signed by TCF and ITU.

Since the Campaign was launched, you have already succeeded in training nearly one quarter of a million women to become digitally literate. This Contest is designed to achieve our goal of training 1 million women by year end—both ensuring that all women who were trained have been fully reported and to encourage telecentres to continue their training efforts.

All partners of the TCW Campaign are invited to submit to TCF verifiable reports of the digital literacy trainings they’ve conducted for women up through 1 September 2012. TCF will be responsible for tallying and verifying the reports and submit the final results to ITU for purposes of awarding the ICT equipment. ITU will award the telecentre that succeeds in training the most number of women under the Campaign ICT equipment for their telecentre worth 15,000 Swiss Francs.

Mechanics of the Contest:

  • The Contest is open to telecentres in the Campaign. Telecentre networks are excluded from this contest.
  • Only Campaign partners who are also members of the community can participate in the Contest. To become an official Campaign partner, a telecentre must complete the Campaign Reply Form available for download at the Campaign website. To become a member of the community, the partner must sign up for membership in any of TCF’s community sites no later than September 1 (Note: Membership is free but subject to approval by TCF management).
    • English community
    • Spanish community
    • French community
    • Arabic community
    • Russian community
  • Only reports submitted using the official TCW Data Monitoring Form and verified by TCF as complete will be counted. Once a report has been verified by TCF as complete, it will be shared on the women’s campaign website. TCF reserves the right to request for additional material (e.g., photos, attendance sheets, etc.) to verify the report.
  • Reports should be submitted to no later than 1 September 2012.
  • Training reports should cover only training that 1) took place within the campaign period (beginning no earlier than April 7, 2011) until September 1, 2012; 2) were provided to women of any ages (including teenagers); and 3) centered on providing digital literacy skills. Training of trainers for digital literacy programs are not included within the scope of this Contest.
  • The equipment to be awarded by ITU under this Contest is exclusively for use in the winning telecentre (e.g., hardware or software such as laptops, PCs, printers, computer monitors, assistive technology for persons with disabilities, telecentre-related software, etc.) and must be identified by the telecentre as a need and agreed by ITU.
  • The winning telecentre must provide ITU with contact details for three local suppliers by September 15 and a list of technical specifications for the equipment to be procured without identifying the brand and prices.
  • ITU will select the supplier and issue a purchase order for the equipment in accordance with its rules and procedures.
    The winning telecentre will be required to sign 1) a receipt and ownership of the equipment procured by ITU through this contest, and 2) a waiver acknowledging that ITU bears no responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment following delivery to the winning telecentre.
  • Once the ICT equipment is received, the recipient is requested to share a blog post in the TCF community site within one month demonstrating the use of this equipment to support their telecentre and to send information to ITU about women’s digital literacy training provided in the telecentre and photos of the equipment being used by women.
  • ITU and/or TCF may wish to visit the telecentre and take photos/films of the equipment provided by ITU.